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5 Speeds Hand Mixer-X1

Effortless Mixing, Joyful Baking

Your ultimate baking companion for easy and delicious treats!
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Fruits and Veggies Purifier-P1

Clean Food, Healthy Life

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, clean eating has never been easier!
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Personal Blender-B2

Limitless Blending Possibilities

Blend to perfection and create your delicious and healthy treats!
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Your Green Solution
to Food Safety

Myves-P1 uses the latest OH purification technology to clean fruits and vegetables with only tap water, effectively removing harmful bacteria and pesticides in an eco-friendly way.

Fresh, Clean Taste

Why clean with Myves-P1?

  • Remove Bacteria


    Chemical-free, non-damaging, and non-toxic purification using only tap water.

  • Purify Pesticide


    Remove harmful contaminants and retain nutritional value, for clean and fresh produce.

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- What people say -

Ankita Agrawal

Cleaning fruits & vegetables thoroughly are as important as healthy eating. MYVES P1 is a perfect device that does it all.

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The 6-blade design of the MYVES blender is perfect for making smoothies or milkshakes but the crusher jar, it’s perfect for grinding grains or spices. I really appreciate that it comes with a convenient, screw-on lid to make the cup portable! 

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Janet D.

Works well, I use this MYVES hand mixer mostly on speed setting 1 out of 5. It will handle many of the lighter duties that a stand mixer would do such as pancake mix, whipping egg whites, whipping cream, etc.

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