Myves is a modern and trendy brand that specializes in household appliances.

Our mission is to create products that simplify your life with intuitive controls and versatile features that allow you to do more with less.



Our philosophy is simple: less is more.

That is not just based on our core of clean design and easy-to-use but is rather delivering on the essence of the brand through our products, including safety, multifunctionality, convenience, and innovation that cater to your rapidly changing home appliance needs and enhance your lifestyle.


As a subsidiary of CHE FUNG GROUP (C&F), a company with over 40 years of expertise in the electronic component market of Eastern Asia, our technical team meticulously oversees the production process from raw material selection to manufacturing, ensuring that every Myves household appliance is of exceptional quality.

You can trust our products to provide lasting and reliable solutions for your home. And we're honored to be a part of your home, your family, and your life.


- What People Say About Us -

I keep this handy for my apples and strawberries, any fruit I eat that doesn’t get peeled. My impression is that it does a better job removing pesticides and waxes than water alone. I highly recommend it.


Myves food purification box-P1
This works great, even with frozen fruits & vegetables, as long as you add liquid to the smoothie. Add liquid in small amounts at a time & blend until desired consistency. And very portable too. I love this!

Ghulam D.

Myves multifunctional blender-B2
Works well, I use this myves hand mixer mostly on speed setting 1 out of 5. Will handle many of the lighter duties that a stand mixer would do such as pancake mix, whipping egg whites, whipping cream, etc.

Sarah C.

Myves electric hand mixer-X1
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